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Session Recap: Recording With Forever Tenors

We had the recent pleasure of being joined for a recording session with the immensely talented vocal duo Forever Tenors. In this session we began the process of recording the orchestral parts for their forthcoming debut album, and also captured some performance footage for use in the music video for their lead single “Oddisea”.

Forever tenors have established themselves as one of the most exciting classical crossover artists to emerge in the UK in recent years. We are thrilled that they have chosen us to work with us on their debut album, and have entrusted us to realise their orchestral arrangements.

The album, which is an attractive collection of timeliness and contemporary hits, showcases the musical versatility of vocal skill of the tenors.

Adam & Rob of Forever Tenors on stage with the orchestra during the recording session.

This session marked the first time that the orchestra had been joined on stage by vocal performers, and it was really great seeing it all come together. Check out the video below to check out how the orchestra and the tenors sounded together during performances of Oddisea.

We all throughly enjoyed this session with Forever Tenors and we cant wait for them to return to Stoller Hall in the coming weeks to completing the recording for their album. For more info on Forever Tenors you can check out their website and socials below:

We hope you enjoyed this update!


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