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Get to know us...

Northern Film Orchestra was founded with one thing in mind.


How can we provide a service that gives composer’s maximum creative scope, and breaks down the barriers for entry into orchestral music?


With an experienced team built up over years in the industry, combined with world-class recording spaces and equipment, we deliver a cinematic sound that can compete with the best in the world. Our dynamic and fresh approach to film scoring lets you tell the story. Work closely with our highly skilled musicians and explore new territories within your music. 


We are passionate about collaboration and place a strong focus on forming alliances across the musical spectrum, with the purpose of developing and commissioning new works and promoting cross-arts collaborations. 


We remain firmly committed to our founding principles as we work to achieve our mission of empowering music creators globally through recording services, and educational proejcts.

The Orchestra

It makes us very proud to have some of the finest musical talent in the UK filling our ranks. 


Highly skilled in both classical and modern styles, the orchestra represents a cohort of musicians that are forward-thinking and open-minded, passionate about film music and its power as a narrative tool. Our musicians have extensive experience playing at the highest level and have been rigorously tested in both the concert hall and the studio over many years.

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