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Custom Orchestra Sessions

Custom Sessions

Scoring your next feature, symphony or even multiple projects?

Tailor the session to your exact needs. 

Custom Orchestra Sessions

Create your own ensemble line-up, schedule when best fits your production. 

Session planning:

A minimum of 3 hours of recording per day

4 hour sessions

5 hour sessions

6 hour sessions

7 hour sessions

A maximum of 8 hours of recording per day

Multiple day sessions

Recording time booked does not include breaks for the Orchestra, for example  a 3 hour session will last 3 hours and 20 minutes. 

Session time can be calculated as 5 minutes per hour of average difficulty music. Get in touch with our team who will recommend a session length once your score has been reviewed. An optional hour can be reserved if you're unsure how long you will need, you only pay for this hour if used (one reserved hour per day). 

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