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Record alongside your fellow composers in a shared session.

Shared sessions are an affordable way to access the orchestra whilst receiving the premium service included with all our sessions.

Our sessions include full 'buy-out' with no limitations on use.

We commonly offer shared sessions for the following ensembles, additional instrumentation including Harp, Piano & Percussion can be added upon request.


Shared Orchestra Sessions



Starting from £1250 (30-mins)

String Quartet


Violin 1. Violin 2. Viola. Cello

Starting from £240 (30-mins)


Shared Orchestra Sessions



Starting from £1807 (30-mins)

12-Piece Strings



Starting from £600 (30-mins)


Shared Orchestra Sessions


Starting from £1330 (30-mins)



Starting from £850 (30-mins)

“I owe this orchestra a great deal of admiration and gratitude. They have an uncanny ability to absorb my music in such a way with precise musical interpretation and bring the best performance. Their technique and passion for music came through the recordings, which conclusively gave my music soul and life.”

Alexander Proudlock

Whats Included


Online meetings & support from our Orchestra Team, Musical Director & Technical Team. 

Score Reader

An extra set of ears to assist the composer, especially useful for those joining sessions remotely

ProTools Preperation

Our Technical Team will build a ProTools session for you with audio stems and click where required

In-Person or Remote

Composers are welcome to join the session in person or remotely via Zoom & Audio Movers

Score & Parts Printing

Included in the session is printing of scores and parts.

File Delivery

Audio Stems & ProTools sessions delivered within 24hrs

We also offer music preparation, post-production and video services. If you have any questions please get in touch and our team will gladly answer any questions.

  • How do I book?
    Bookings are made via the contact form, we haven't implemented an automated process as we want to talk you ensuring the right product for you and your project. You can browse the shared session page for our ensemble sizes and prices for estimated costings. Once you fill in a contact form a member of our team will be in touch with you promptly to discuss further, uploading your scores in the contact form can help speed up the process if deadlines are short. For shared sessions a deposit of 20% is required to secure the slot, with the remaining 80% to be paid in advance of the session.
  • How much time do I need to book?
    If you're unsure about how much time to book please contact us with your scores (even if draft) or mockups. Our team will then suggest an amount of time suited to your project. Please don't hesitate to get in touch as there is no pressure to book once we have evaluated your scores. Rough estimations for average difficulty music are: 3 minutes of recorded music - 30 minute session 6 minutes of recorded music - 60 minute session 9 minutes of recorded music - 90 minute session 12 minutes of recorded music - 120 minute session
  • How far in advance do I need to book?
    Booking in advance ensures you secure the desired shared session recording date / slot. Our sessions get filled approximately 2-months in advance depending on demand. We suggest booking at least 30 days prior to the session but later bookings can sometimes be accommodated. Contact us to find out what sessions are available.
  • I'd like to add Piano, Harp, percussion or specialist instrumentation. Is this possible?
    Piano, harp and percussion are commonly added to our orchestra line-ups. We don't add them to the line-up as each project is unique in its requirements, just get in touch to discuss your requirements.
  • How do I prepare for a recording?
    Our team outline pre-production meetings with our Musical Director and Technical team to ensure all aspects of your project are recorded as desired. We will check your scores and talk through them in a Zoom meeting to ensure the scores are ready to be recorded but also to ensure we convey the music as intended.
  • In-person and remote attendance
    Remote session live stream is held using Zoom for video link and talkback from you to stage, audio is streamed from the stage via AudioMovers. To access both a good computer with a stable internet connection is required, google chrome is required to access AudioMovers. We recommend a good set of headphones be used to critically listen to the session and avoid audio echo. You will be able to directly communicate in near real-time with the conductor, orchestra and score proof reader during the session. Chamber Hall Shared & Custom Sessions - In-person & remote Recital Hall Shared Sessions - Remote only Recital Hall Custom Sessions - In-person & remote Studio Shared Sessions - Remote only Studio Custom Sessions - In-person & remote
  • Do you offer arrangement, transcription and orchestration services?
    Yes, it is a service that we frequently provide to composers. Our experienced team will work tirelessly to ensure our work on your project reflects your vision. Please ask about the required service when contacting us.
  • What sample rate & bit depth do you record at?
    Unless requested otherwise all sessions are recorded and delivered at 48kHz 24-bit resolution.
  • How, when and in what format will I receive my files?
    You will receive your files via an online link, you will receive the ProTools session and multi-track audio stems (for other DAW use) of all takes, these will include the main microphone systems, ambient microphones and spot microphones. Files will be delivered no later than 3-day after the session but are commonly delivered sooner, this time allows us to complete a final quality control.
  • Do you restrict sync, who owns the rights to the music?
    All rights belong to the client, no additional fee is required for any use in any territory.
  • At what time do you record?
    Shared sessions are held in the North-west of England and are held at London time, typically 10:30am - 6:00pm. Custom sessions offer more flexibility.
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