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Concert Hall

The Stoller Hall - Manchester, England

Located in the heart of Manchester directly opposite Victoria Train Station, The Stoller Hall is an intimate Concert Hall offering outstanding modern variable acoustics. Our team have recorded in the venue since its opening in 2017 and really know how to to get the best out of the space. Home to our most popular 52-piece ensemble

The hall has acoustic banners on each wall allowing our engineers to open up the space for recording in a classical manner or to deaden the space to get a studio sound desirable for film scoring and library music.


The stunning sound of the venue is partnered by a visually stunning backdrop for video productions

Surrounded by superb transport links, hotel accommodation and restaurants The Stoller Hall is well suited for those travelling for sessions. 

Northen Film Orchestra Location

Recital Hall

Manchester, England

Located in Central Manchester, our recital room offers a wonderfully clear and controlled acoustic for smaller ensembles. Designed by the same acoustics as The Stoller Hall, ARUP have created a space that is truly a pleasure to record in. 

Ideal for ensembles such as string quintets scoring to small orchestras. As with the Chamber Hall remote session capabilities are part of every session, as well as the capability to score to picture with headphones. Utilising large TV screens for performers where no conductor is required. 

Accessible for those travelling in being 10 minutes walk from the nearest tram stop and easily serviced by taxi and is immediately surrounded by restaurants and hotels.


Manchester, England

Located in Central Manchester our studio is equipped with a range of world-class equipment including a wealth of boutique microphones, pre-amps and converters. Instrumentation available ranges from classical to contemporary with a range of classic hardware synthesisers.

The studio also offers a brilliant location for client attended edit, mix and mastering sessions. 

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