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New Years Resolutions For Composers.

The start of a new year is a great time to take stock of where you are at in your career, and set yourself new goals and ambitions for moving forward. Here are a few tips to help you hit the ground running and have a positive start to 2021.

Pick up a new instrument

Frustration aside, the process of learning and mastering a new instrument is one of the most satisfying and positive ways to spend your down time as a composer. You don't have to become a virtuoso, but having an extra instrument or two in your toolbox will really help set you apart from the crowd, especially considering that for many composers the piano and guitar are their primary instruments.

Try finding an old cello on gumtree, or pay your local music shop visit and see what uncommon interments they have on offer.

Improve your social media strategy

Your online presence is a key component of your overall marketability and reach as a composer. Whilst we all use social media, many don't use it to its full potential, and with a little work things could be a made a lot more effective.

Take some time to have a look over your strategy and see what is working and what could be improved. Think about the kind of content you want to share with the world and how often. It can also be useful to use a weekly calendar to schedule your content Types of content to consider include, studio pics, works in progress, plugin reviews, tutorials & how tos.

Get Creative

A new year is upon us, and with it comes new ways of doing things. Make an effort to embrace new methods and techniques. Play around with new sounds and combinations of musical elements within your compositions.

Why not try creating your own sample library, or take some pots and pans from the kitchen and use them for percussion. The possibilities are endless so use your imagination and see what you can come up with.

Take more risks

We are all guilty of playing it too safe. As a composer its important to set yourself apart from the pack and the best way to do this is by not sounding like anyone else but yourself. You must always work to present the most honest expressions of your musical voice, so don't be afraid to throw some weird elements into your music, as these are the things that will show your personality.

As the old saying goes, fortune favours the bold, so take risk in your music and you will reap the rewards!

We hope you enjoyed these tips. Best of luck with for 2021!


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