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Promotional tips for composers: 4 ways to make a better first impression.

First impressions count for a lot, and in the highly competitive space of media composition it could mean the difference between being hired for the project or not.

As a film & game composer you must always make sure you are presenting yourself in the best light, and this true right across everything you do both online and offline.

Here are 4 things you can do to create stronger first impressions with clients.

1. Invest high-quality professional photos

This is something we see all of the time; composers will spend ages working on their music but fail to invest in a decent set of pictures. Like it or not, humans are visual creatures and it doesn't matter if you have the best sounding showreel, having sub par photographs is going to make people perceive you as less professional. Some common issue include:

Pictures taken at poor angles, low lighting or with dull colours.

Pictures not straight on, or showing your face

Pictures with a low resolution.

Invest in a set of quality professional pictures that will serve you well in the long term. Just remember, while everyone loves a studio pic, its important that you don't overemphasise the technology. Clients are more interested in you as a person than the equipment you own.

2. Lay out your website with the client in mind.

Your website is your calling card. It provides people with a snapshot of who you are and what you are about. A lot of the time a clients perception of you begins when they look on your website so you want to make sure it is ticking all the right boxes.

Make your site easy to navigate and resist the urge to add too many sections. If your website is laid out in a user friendly way it send out a message that you are an easy person to work with, and consider the end customer.

You want the use to have to put in as little effort as possible to find the information they need, so that means put your contact info front and centre. Make sure any links, embeds and add-ons work as they are supposed to and don't link through to dead pages.

3. Lead with collaboration.

There’s a concept called social proof that states that the word of other people will count for more than your own.

You should always lead with projects you have completed with other people, whether that be a film score or other musical collaboration. This not only shows that you are a team player but that other people have put their trust in you and you have successfully delivered. Filmmaking is an intensively collaborative process that demands excellent communication and interpersonal skills, so you should strive to present yourself as someone who is competent in the art of collaboration as well as writing music.

4 – Be consistent.

Make sure that you are being consistent across all of the areas that clients interact with your brand. This means everything from your website, your pictures and social media posts and even the way you write your emails. Being consistent in your presentation communicates professionalism and that you are taking things seriously. It also shows that you don't overlook small details and are willing to spend the time is takes to do things to a high standard. We hope you found these tips useful!


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