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Cello Textures II

Cello Textures II  is an eclectic collection of dark and ominous Cello sound effects, showcasing various experimental playing techniques such as harmonic trills and slides, dramatic glissandos, ricochets, swells and heavy pizzicatos. This versatile library gives you everything you need to create intense and unsettling soundtracks, and is perfect for use in genres such as horror, thriller, mystery and psychological. 


You can use the sounds in this library to create full original soundscapes, or simply drag and drop in sounds as "one-shots" or "sweeteners" to enhance your film/game music. 


All sounds in this library are at 96kHz 24 Bit  to allow for further manipulation and design, and have been tagged with extensive UCS metadata to fit smoothly into your production workflow. 

Cello Textures II

  • 2.1 GB 115 Files

    Stereo 96kHz 24 Bit Wav

    Extensive UCS Metadata 

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