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String Ensembles

Shared Sessions / String Ensembles




Thanks for submitting, a member of the NFO team will be in touch soon!

Northen Film Orchestra Strings

String Ensembles

String Quartet


String Quintet

12-piece Strings 

1st Violins (4) 2nd Violins (3) Violas (2) Cello (2) Bass (1).

22-piece Strings

1st Violins (6) 2nd Violins (6) Violas (4) Cello (4) Bass (2).

Venue: Recital Hall

Included: Score checking, pre-production meetings with Music Director & Technician, recording venue, recording engineers, conductor, score proofreader, multitrack recording with digital delivery, remote session streaming. 


Video: Video package includes 3 cameras, 1 operator.

2 cameras will be used for static wide shots and 1 manned camera will be used for moving shots capturing different sections of the orchestra. 

Download format: ProTools session and WAV audio stems for each take, as standard. 

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