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Announcing Our Spring Sale

Spring is a time for rebirth & creation.

Spring is a time to make new goals to work towards and take positive steps that one us forward.

As the introspection of the colder months draw to a close, we are given a chance to look outwardly, refreshen our musical perspectives and embrace new ideas and creations.

We are excited to announce that from now until the last day of spring, all recording sessions booked with us will receive a 10% reduction. We hope that this sale will inspire a wave of musical creation and help composers take their first steps into the world of orchestral recording. This sale will end on the 17th June and all bookings made within this period will receive the discount, even if the recording session takes place after the sale has ended. For all booking enquiries please contact Jack on the email shown below.


(Prices per 1 - hour recording)

String Quartet - Was £550 now £495

14 piece Bronze Ensemble - Was £900 now £810

27 piece Silver Orchestra - Was £1450 now £1305



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