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NEWS: Gifts From Crows Releases Northern Film Orchestra Sessions Vol. 1 EP.

Welcome back to the Northern Film Orchestra blog. Last week we celebrated the release of the Northern Film Orchestra sessions Vol. 1 EP from neoclassical artist Gifts from crows (AKA Richard Laurence). This 3-track EP features orchestral interpretations of tracks from their debut album Holding a thought forever, which was released earlier this year.

The EP cover for Northern Film Orchestra sessions Vol. 1.

We recorded this EP during a session in January at our home venue of The Stoller Hall, using a chamber ensemble that was comprised of the following instruments:

1st Violin x 4

2nd Violin x 3

Viola x 2

Cello x 2

Bass x 1

Flutes x 2

Clarinets x 2

Percussion x 2 (Glockenspiel, Marimba, Vibraphone) Gifts From Crows (AKA Richard Laurence) has these kind words to say about the project.

"I’d been imagining this music being performed for so long now but, with the ongoing COVID situation, I didn’t know if it would be possible. Meeting the NFO was transformational in that sense and, whilst the social distancing was a challenge, just hearing your music played back to you by such wonderful musicians was an incredibly moving experience."

Recording for the EP is underway. This project was intensely enjoyable for all of us, as it marked a nice departure away from recording music that is to accompany a film. Recording stand-alone music is about injecting as much drama and expression into the music as possible, and the quality of the orchestrations gave us maximum flexibility in doing this.

The orchestral versions were created by our friend and frequent NFO collaborator Alexander Proudlock. Alex has done an excellent job of creating fresh interpretations of the pieces whilst keeping true to their original spirit, a job which is no easy task!

The official performance video for "As Nature Returns".

The tracks included on this EP are As Nature Returns, No Place in This World and Remembering Who and What We Are.

Since release last week As Nature Returns has been featured on Scala Radio and The EP has been added to Spotify classical new releases official playlist. You can listen to the EP below:

If you like what you hear and would like to find out more about Gifts from Crows and their music you can check out their socials via the links below:

We hope you enjoyed this article!


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