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Welcome to Northern Film Orchestra

It gives us great pleasure to announce ourselves to the world in our first official blog post!

Our blog will serve as a home for all things NFO, with news and community updates as well as details on the projects we are involved with. Our aim for the blog is to be a source of inspiration and education for composers, and to provide content that will engage our audience emotionally and intellectually. Expect lots of useful information such as in-depth guides, interviews, tip & tricks, contests and reviews.

The Mission

Our mission is to empower music creators globally through orchestra recording services, education and tools.

Our why is simple: To make orchestral music accessible to all music creators, regardless of formal training.

As a relatively new Orchestra unbound by the restraints of tradition or reputation, we have been granted a blank slate artistically speaking. We feel a great weight of responsibility to make the best use of this, and forge a new path for the orchestral medium, which without doubt must adapt to find its place in the 21st century.

Players from our string section recording at the Stoller Hall in January

Whilst the first few months of our operation haven’t exactly gone to plan, we remain relentlessly optimistic and cannot wait to get back to recording after this lockdown period is over. Alongside our core recording services, we will also be branching out into other areas such as film music concerts, multimedia experiences and commissioning new works from composers.

We are beyond thrilled to have reached this point in our journey and cant wait to share our plans for the coming months with the community. Special thanks to all the people that have helped us get here. Here’s to the next chapter!


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