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Win a Free Session With Northern Film Orchestra!

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Welcome back to the Northern Film Orchestra Blog.

In todays post, we are excited to announce our involvement in the "1st Time with an Orchestra Composer Contest", hosted by Composer Eric Turnnessen.

This is a free-to-enter competition where composers can win a recording session with our 32-piece chamber orchestra.

Read on below to discover more info!


This competition is the creation of composer & past NFO collaborator Eric Turnnessen. Eric has previously recorded with us in a couple of past orchestra sessions, and having gone through that experience, Eric now wants to give others a chance to gain experience working work with a professional scoring orchestra.

To enter, follow the application process on this page:

"From the moment I began composing at age 14, having my music performed by a live orchestra was a dream of mine. When I finally had the chance to live that dream, it was a profoundly moving experience for me. Having gone through the challenges of making this dream a reality, I'm eager to pass along the gift of this experience to another talented composer who shares this same ambition."

- Eric Turnnessen.

The Prize

The winner of this competition will get the opportunity to work with our 32-piece chamber orchestra, and record their composition within a strict 15-minute time slot. During this time, there will be an initial rehearsal, takes of individual sections, and a final performance (curious about the process? Watch this).

Some pieces may be more complex than others. In order to be feasible to record within 15 minutes, the more complex the piece the shorter it should be. No piece should exceed 3 minutes in length regardless of complexity.

How It Works

To enter, follow the application process on this page:

To be eligible for consideration, composers must not have had their music performed by a live orchestra with more than 7 musicians, excluding school orchestras below university level or a partial performance as part of a workshop. I want to provide this opportunity to those who haven't yet had the experience of hearing their music come alive through a full-scale orchestral performance.

Your score must be written for a 32-piece orchestra with the following lineup:

1st Violins (6) 2nd Violins (6) Violas (4) Cello (4) Bass (2)

Flute (1) Oboe (1) Clarinet (1) Bassoon (1)

French Horn (2) Trumpet (2) Trombone (2)

You must be able to produce a PDF and MP3 audio mockup of your score.

Meet The Judges

Once all submissions have been, Eric will narrow down the group to a smaller pool of finalists before bringing in additional judges for the final decision. Joining in the final round will be Jack Hughes, Orchestrator Manager of the Northern Film Orchestra, and Melvin Tay, Conductor of the Northern Film Orchestra.

Good luck to all entrants and we are excited to review your submissions! To enter, follow the application process on this page:

Thanks for checking out this blog post.


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