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NFO Records Strings For The Sufi Records Orchestral Qawwali Project – Rubaru.

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Welcome back to the Northern Film Orchestra Blog.

Following on from our previous post about the first track released from the Orchestra Qawwali project, Salaam, we are delighted to share with you the second track from the project: Rubaru, featuring vocals from Abi Sampa.


This project was a collaboration between the Sufi records and producer Rushil Pinto. Rushil approached us with the brief for the project, and we were tasked with delivering performances for the orchestra parts he had arranged to accompany the track. The ensemble used was a 33-piece string orchestra and 2 French horns.


This piece entitle Rubaru, is a 12-minute work written for orchestration and traditional qawwali troupe. The piece begins with an expansive section of string swells and mystical vocal lines. As the track progresses, we are introduced to the main harmonic theme and the driving backing tabla rhythm with drives the piece along and raises the energy in the later sections. This is accompanied by some exciting string runs that complement the beautiful vocal lines which lead the track. The vocalist for this piece is Abi Sampa, who sings in the Indian classical tradition.

An original experiential poem written for orchestra and a qawwali troupe.

"The moment the soul is liberated from the confinement of its body, it experiences the closeness of its creator. Beyond the boundaries of our egos; beyond the rights and wrongs of worldly affairs, beyond you and I is an ocean of love where the creator yearns to meet his creation. Through the experience of Murshid Waqar Faiz, and how he found the Divine - we get to taste a drop of water in the vast ocean of love, drowning the seeker in the depths of the Creator's nearness as if He is right in front of the seeker - Rubaru"

The final performance video for Rubaru. We hope you can agree that this piece is a dramatic and beautiful fusion of qawaali and orchestra. Thanks for checking out this post!

For more from the orchestra qawaali project check out the link below:


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